Why Cold Laser Technology
Cold Laser Therapy is pain free, requires no downtime and is completely safe. Unlike heat lasers the Cold Laser is unique in its ability to impact the complexion with no risk of inducing thermal changes in the skin tissue. Spa-Light Therapeutics utilizing the Cold Laser as well as the latest in Microdermabrasion for optimal results.

Cold Laser Treatments   The Light Approach
Anti-Aging Light Therapy
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Collagen Stimulation
Broken Capillaries
Acne / Blackhead & Whitehead Removal
Rosacea / Couperose
Sun Damaged Skin
Body Firming

What to Expect
The treatment is relaxing, soothing, and comfortable. The gentle blue and red laser light is placed on the skin and slowly moved over the area that is being treated. Nourishing serums and masks are used during the treatment and are a result of 50 years of research in cellular biology. The result is deep product penetration and nourishment of cells exclusive to Cold Laser. The Microdermabrasion treatment becomes a hydrating and soothing experience, incorporating the laser light you leave refreshed, glowing and without the redness. At Spa-Light, you can also expect to leave with information that will help you gain control over your skin's health.